What’s Causing My Car Battery Light to Stay On? By Premier Brisbane

When the car’s battery light comes on it can be concerning and annoying. Your car may start fine, seem as though it isn’t losing power, yet the light still illuminates. Premier Cash for Cars in Brisbane offers the following information for car battery lights.


The Different Reasons

There are different reasons that your battery light is on; which, could be something simple or a problem that requires a battery replacement. The problem may be that the battery cables are loose or corroded. Possible the problem is with the charging system components being loose or corroded, or there could be an issue with the voltage regulator or alternator. Power for the car is stored in the battery and generated by the alternator. If the alternator goes bad, or there is a broken or loose accessory belt, the battery will not charge properly, and the light of the battery may illuminate.


Should the battery cable terminals be corroded, the problem can create the battery light to come on as well as if the battery is leaking electrolyte, has damaged cells, or the cable terminals are corroded.


It is common for the charging system warning light for the battery to illuminate when the car is first started; however, if it stays on while driving it is a signal that something is not right. Signs that there is something wrong with the charging system of the battery is that your headlights will be dim and that the clock in your car will lose time.


Provided that there is juice in the car, the car should run; however, if the charging system fails, the car will stop running once the battery is out of power.


When you see the light illuminate shut off all accessories like the radio, heater or AC, and do not use controls like cruise control or the power windows. It is necessary to take as little juice as possible and to take the car to your mechanic to have it checked out.


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