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Brisbane auto buyers and car wreckers come in all sizes, and Premier Cash for Cars is one of the most respected car wreckers & dismantlers in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast.

We are professional Car Wreckers Brisbane who works on behalf of Vehicle Owners to bring them the best in:

While we are good, we aren’t a company that makes things complicated for our customers.  Our only request from them:
  • Let us know you want to sell your car.
  • Provide us with the details of your vehicle.
  • Get our cash quote on your car.
If you like our cash offer, then your vehicle is sold!  If not, then shop around, and come back if you don’t find anything better. It is not always easy selling a vehicle that is in scrap, accident or junk condition.  Premier Cash for Cars knows the need for vehicle owners to have a way to get their vehicle out of their yard, without cost.  We offer the ideal way.  We will buy your vehicle, come to your location to collect the vehicle and dispose of the vehicle for free.  We never charge any fees whatsoever. Being car wreckers Brisbane, allows us to buy any make and model of any age and condition, including totally useless and otherwise costly vehicles.  We simply buy your vehicle to dispose. Car Wreckers Brisbane We are considered the best in the car wrecking business in Brisbane, because:

We Salvage And Recycle Vehicles

Our system isn’t one where we just salvage and recycle.  We know vehicles so well that we know the parts under the hood and the precious metals that are in their construction.  With some metals being better value than others, our customers don’t miss out as we ensure that we salvage and recycle all parts and metals of the vehicle, giving them the best cash at the time we remove their vehicle. We wreck: Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Buses, Boats, 4WDs, Utes, Jeeps, Motorhomes and Motorcycles We’ll even buy your scrap metals and give you a fair price on their recycle. We are a car removal company in Brisbane that is fair and does bring the best to their customers in all services we perform. Your scrap vehicle can have turned the odometer many times around, or it could be so badly damaged from an accident that it is not worth repairing, or maybe it is simply scrapping because it has been sitting around for so long that it is nothing more than rust, give us a call and get true value from your vehicle. We are the car removal company and car wreckers Brisbane that are the ones to call to get your unwanted vehicle sold.

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For a fast and speedy car removal in Brisbane and a free auto recycling, give Premier Cash for Cars a call.  We will come to your location and remove your vehicle for free. Call us at 0404 940 6810 Complete our “Get a Quote” form located on this page