Top 10 Common Terms Used by Scrap Car Removal Companies & What They Mean

Some of the lingo used by car removal companies can be confusing for those who’re not familiar with the cash for car industry. Scrap car removal companies have a language of their own. Here are some of the common terms used by car removal companies and what they mean.

Common Terms Used by Cash for Car Companies & Their Definitions

Scrap Car

A scrap car is a vehicle that is badly damaged, with the cost of repairs exceeding the value of the vehicle. Another popular term for a scrap car is “junk car“. Typically, one or more parts such as the body or engine is damaged beyond repair, essentially turning the car into inoperable junk.

Cash for Cars Buyers

Cash for cars buyers are enterprises like Premier Cash for Cars that pay cash for vehicles they purchase.

Abandoned Car

An abandoned car is a stationary automobile that is left unattended by its owner. Possibly, the car was left behind when the owner moved from town. The car is considered abandoned when the owner has left the vehicle unattended.

Junk Car Recycling

A junk car recycling refers to the eco-friendly disposal of cars that are not worth the repairs and considered inoperable. The metals of the vehicle are recycled.

Buy Junk Cars for Scrap

This term refers to the purchase and collection of unwanted, inoperable, abandoned and old vehicles to process for recycling.

Cash for Junk Cars

Junk cars are considered vehicles with one or more parts damaged, and the repairs are higher than the value of the vehicle. Cash for junk cars refers to when the buyer pays cash for the scrap vehicles.

Junk Car Removal

Junk car removal refers to the process of removing a damaged, abandoned or inoperable vehicle using a tow truck and other specialized equipment provided by the buyer.

Curb Weight

The curb weight is the weight of scrap or junk car, minus the occupants of the vehicle, but including most of the components of the vehicle.

Free Car Removal

Free car removal is a service that most car wreckers and removal companies offer. It refers to the towing of scrap or unwanted cars at no cost to the seller. The car removal company will go to the car seller’s location and offer free towing to have the vehicle removed from their premises.

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