Free Towing with Top Cash for Scrap Cars in Brisbane

When the car or truck is in scrap condition, it is hard to pay a couple of hundreds of dollars to have the vehicle towed off the property. With Premier Cash for Cars, there is no need to pay for towing. We tow cars for free and put a cash payment for the metals of the vehicle into the owners’ hands. Let us tell you a little more about our free towing services in Brisbane. Free Towing Brisbane

Free Car Towing Brisbane

Firstly, as cash for cars buyer, we buy cars to recycle the metals in cars. The process is one that is eco-friendly, and one that offers car owners a fair deal for their scrap condition cars and trucks.

Cash For Scrap Cars Brisbane

We also make the process one that is quick and courteous. So, for car owners that would like free towing and a cash payment for their scrap cars & trucks, the process with Premier Cash for Cars works like this:
  1. You contact our appraiser over the phone or online to request a cash quote for your car or truck in Brisbane. As we said, your car will be valuated on the metals of the car, so the weight is one factor of how we valuate scrap cars, as well as the metals of the car.
  2. Take us up on our offer, think it over for a few days, or reject it. There is no obligation or pressure to accept our cash offer for your car or truck.
  3. Car owners that think the cash amount we offer for their scrap cars and take us up on our offers can then schedule free towing for the car. Our technician will arrive fully prepared to purchase the car, having all paperwork for its sale, and cash payment. If you have the title of ownership or scrap certificate for the car, we will need that at the time of its sale. If you no longer have either, let our appraiser know at the time you obtain a quote so he or she can let you know what documents we will accept.
With Premier Cash for Cars, get instant cash for scrap cars, free car removals and a hassle-free car sale in Brisbane.

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