Buying A Convertible: Quick Car Guide On Everything You Need to Know Before Buying A Convertible

The sunny weather gets some drivers into the dealership, ready to purchase the sporty new convertible of their dreams. Convertibles are the envy of the road; but, before you jump into the purchase of a convertible, read the following guide to ensure you are prepared to shop convertibles; and prepared for the ownership of a convertible.

Soft or Hard Top – Which One Should You Choose?

Not all convertibles are clone designs. There are differences with one difference being the top of the convertible. Consumers will have a choice between a soft or hard top. What are the differences? Soft tops are not as bulky or heavy, so they take up less space when stored. Unfortunately, they don’t offer the strength in protection that you get from a hard top. They are not as soundproof and offer less protection from weather elements. Soft tops can also be sliced, so the vehicle is at a higher risk of theft. Hardtops are the ideal choice for drivers that will not have the top down most times. They also offer better protection against theft and weather elements.


The style of the soft top is not as durable as a hard top and will need to be replaced eventually. On the other hand, hard tops will likely need repairs and maintenance on the machinery to operate the tops. Both will need to be cleaned regularly.

Safety First – Top Up or Down for Better Visibility?

Convertibles with the tops up mean less visibility than a typical vehicle. The back window is smaller. On the other hand, when the tops are down, the visibility is higher than other vehicles as there are no features of the vehicle constricting visibility.

Will You Need to Change Your Driving Style?

Convertibles mean a new set of rules. For instance, if you turn the wipers on when the top is down, guess where the water is going to be going? That’s right, the water will get right in your face while you’re driving!  You’ll also need to remember to keep sunscreen handy in the glove box as too much time in the sun is dangerous for humans if they are not adequately protected. There is also the issue of remembering to take valuables out of the car when you aren’t driving the vehicle.

Convertibles are the envy of the road; and a warm weather dream car. If you are interested in upgrading to a convertible or newer car, let Premier Cash for Cars make you an offer for your existing car. We pay cash for cars, so you can have the cash in your hand to be at the dealer today to buy your dream convertible. Some important article to read before selling your car.

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